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A2W aims for 100%
employment improvement:
Work and Job affectiveness

A2W understands how important it is for all job-seekers to obtain a job and for new employees to keep them. So A2W has tailored their services to target the areas within the job market and workplace that our clients need to succeed in.  

Aid-2-Work provides a customised learning scheme that enables all those that take part in it to learn and understand different approaches to finding a job, knowing how to create a useful  cv, steps on how to prepare for interviews and other effective techniques that will help in obtaining a job and keeping it successfully. These modules are primarily for DWP, JSP and academic and institutional use but they can be requested for by businesses, workgroups and parties. All you have to do is contact us or call in 

Aid-2-Work are trying their best to really focus on the aspects of the working system that will effectively help people avoid or get out of the unemployment trap. Therefore, we have made available this program scheme that focuses essentially on the people that are prepared to take the leap and start their own business. Aid-2-Work will help the client in creating, developing and monitoring the whole process and transistion of the business. We will even assist in developing businesses that are already running or business plans that are still in its infancy. The program is there to aid you as much as possible; to get you off the ground and understand the field you are delving in to.  Click Here

"Mediation in England and Wales is a huge success story, helping to save businesses, citizens and the Government from some of the huge expense and uncertainty involved in court cases".


[Bill Wood,. Acting Chair of the CMC]


Aid-2-Work provides a mediation and representation service that is readily available for all clients and customers that are part of our scheme. The service is used to aid them in any case they may end up in thus to receive a fair resolution and an outcome they can live with.  Click Here

Customized Learning Schemes and Plans
Different People 
Require Different
Methods to Aid
For All Entrepreneurs & Enterprisers: Focus Scheme Available

we are here for you

Aid-2-Work provides a service that is focused on the well-being of our clients and customers. A2W has carefully set up particular services that we offer to be accessible without it taxing your funds or your availability. We have made it possible for us to have meetings online with you or for you to contact us via Skype and Viber for call-ins or just leaving a message. These are for certain services we provide so please check before making an appointment as we do not want to disappoint. All you have to do is contact us or call in for more details.

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