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The Real Radical Xperience: 

A2W is happy to announce and present to everyone a new community-orientated online consultation/chat session, TALK THERAPY: REAL LIFE XPERIENCE. We are presenting our customised platform for everyone that needs help and guidance in:

  • family,

  • social,

  • commercial

  • and spiritual issues.

We will aim to provide solutions that will fit and fix your situation that you are going through as everybody needs help and support not just advice, pointers and instances.

The uniqueness of this therapy is that all parties can have a say in the other party's matters. They can provide sound solutions and reasons that can help the other party in their issues. This helps all that participate to truly understand each others circumstance and aid in formulating some kind of solution for them to be in a better position to resolve the current issues that they are initially going through. These can usually be the underlying causes of the present case they are sharing so when they share their situations with the other party, understanding and consideration can be properly applied that will aid in the healing process thus arriving to an agreeable and favourable decision between the engaging parties. 


Our sessions will be held for the maximum of 2 hours. We will receive all bookings for a session through the A2W form below. The sessions will be held via Skype and our price per session is £80. Come and join us via Skype:


For any additional help in any of the issues brought in the sessions or any other issues you can book a private session with our A2W consultancy service HERE

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