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A2W Consultancy can be arranged by sending an email for a meeting in the classroom or office, setting up a Whassap, LINE or Skype meeting so we can hold it online if it isn't possible for you to come in. A2W will go through all that is necessary for the jobseeker to have a clearer understanding of the field that they are getting into. The session will cover anything that the client needs to progress forward in getting and securing that job,

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How do I get a consultancy session?

A2W's Mediation and Representation support scheme helps the jobseekers and the new employees in any conflict situation. It helps close, neutralise and prevent problems within your new workplace.

1. Mediation enables the new employee to have a fair say in the issue. Within mediation, the employee will be able to speak freely without feeling pressure from any staff members during the session.

2. Representation gives the new employee a fighting chance when faced with unfair disciplinaries and warning. It enables them present their case with the aid of A2W.

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How does A2W Mediation & Representation work?

A2W will help jobseekers through our modules, teaching and showing them new and less-used paths that will aid them when searching for their ideal job. A2W will also help jobseekers in getting a job by contacting and providing the jobseekers with details of potential employers. For the new employees, A2W will continue to keep contact with the client and extend support through Mediation and Representation. These services are offered to our clients once they obtain their job as this will aid them in understanding their position, respecting the colleagues and maintaining their job for the long term.


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What can I get help with?
How do I qualify for A2W Mediation and Representation?

All A2W clients are eligible for mediation and representation once they have gone through the module scheme. It has to be understood that A2W clients automatically have access to receive free mediation and representation ONCE they successfully obtained a job. Be that as it may it is still possible for non-A2W clients request for mediation and representation, albeit this will be a paid service for an afordable fee.   

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Aid and support from A2W continues after the module session that all jobseekers will go through. Consultancy and advice about the job field can be set up and is readily available once requested. Additional support is given to jobseekers in knowing what job they are looking fofr and which kind actually suits them. 

Can I get aid from A2W after my set sessions?

A2W can be contacted via our landline and email but for a more personal connection, A2W has made available Tweeter and  Facebook for clients to send their ideas, information and recommendations. For direct contact, A2W has created accounts in Whassap, LINE and Skype for clients to be able to communicate on a free line instead of using a paid line (mobile, landline, etc). To use this line of communication with A2W, an agreed time will be set up for the client that will be booked as a  time of contact so both parties can meet on the chosen medium, be it via Skype, Whassp or LINE. A2W wants to have direct contact with their clients so A2W focuses on the use of these free mediums. 

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Are there other ways to get in touch A2W?

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