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A2W offers 2 brand new services that we believe everyone will benefit from, both financially and consciously .

A2W McKenzie friend service allows the client to be fully assisted throughout their court case. A2W understands that no matter the type of case you become part of (guilty or not), it is extremely harrowing for everyone going through it, either directly and indirectly connected.

A2W's McKenzie Friends will provide all their clients with personalised aid that will help focus their views and support their case throughout the ordeal. What an A2W McKenzie Friend may do:

• Provide moral support for the client

• Take notes

• Help with case papers

• Quietly give advice on:

  • points of law or procedure;

  • issues that the litigant may wish to raise in court; questions the litigant may wish to ask witnesses.

  • Hourly rate of £10-£80, but typical range is £30-£50. Day rate range £100-400, but typical range is £150-£200.


It is very difficult to focus and prepare for any court case especially if it’s your first one ever. Remembering what to say and do, how to say it and what not to say or do can mean everything in the long and short run of any witness presentation. A2W understands this immensely so therefore we have created and developed this bespoke service that is customised for any and every client that believes they need vital coaching preparation before any court case.

A2W helps the client in:

  • Presentation

  • Diction

  • Mannerism

  • Recollection

  • Confidence

among other necessities. We will be with you every step of the way and make sure to provide you with what you need to make it through your court case. A single session is £15.00 per hour while the maximum 3 hour session is £40.00 and for a booked-day-session will be £85.00. We can set up a venue to hold the sessions or we can come to your location if it is easier for you and your case. For us to book a venue for you will be included in the price.

online coaching

Aid-2-Work understands that court cases can be and will be extremely stressfully and expensive so we have made this addition to the service we have set up to try and help with attendence and funds. We know that it is hard to meet up for coaching so we have made it accessible online via Skype. All you have to do is contact us or call in for more info.

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