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A2W offers tutoring in the specific subject areas that will aid jobseekers and employees alike into getting the job and position they desire.

A2W modules are produced to target the key areas that most, if not all, jobseekers and employees come across and have problems with when trying to secure a job. The modules are built to identify and eradicate any hurdles that may occur and also help the jobseeker to adapt to potential situations they may come across.

How To Start Your Own Business

This module is for people that want to be self-employed and self-sufficient within the working environment. This module will show you how to plan for your business, maintain your business and gain from your business. It will take you through the relevant steps of starting your own business and knowing the do’s and don’ts when starting and keeping your business.

CV Construction

This module is for people that are creating a cv and covering letter. It will show them how to present the cv and produce a covering letter and to successfully write a cv that will get them the job they wish. It will go through the different types of cvs that someone can create, how to use them and where to properly apply them.

Job Scam

This module will prepare the jobseeker for the type of fraudulent activities that happen when they are looking for a job online, via the post or through other mediums. It will go through the right steps to avoid them and how to identify them when you come across them.

Basic Money Management

This module will show you how to get money and keep money. It will also show you how to save money for the hard times ahead. The module will show you different ways of saving money and using your money wisely. It will range from getting a credit card account, from choosing the right type of account, having a savings account or a current account. It will also go into being wise with holding and spending cash.

Job & Career Development

This module allows the jobseeker to know what type of job or career they are looking for. It shows them how to gain that job or career and to maintain themselves within the working environment. It will give them the necessary inside knowledge of what to do and what to expect. It will point out the bodies of authorities to take note of and approach when needed and how to know which job or career will fit their lifestyle and have a potential future within it.  


Job Searching Skills and Techniques

This module shows the jobseeker how to effectively search for jobs using different mediums. It shows the jobseeker more options that are available to them and how to better use them.


This module shows the ability of mediation to the jobseeker so they will know and understand that there is an external support mechanism that will help them within their working environment. Our mediation is available for all jobseekers of A2W and our module will go through the advantages of having mediation, how it can be used to help them to keep their job and can be used for them to have an understanding of their own position in the business structure.


This module has been created for the jobseeker to have available at their fingertips; a more direct approach when faced with discrimination within the working environment. It will enable them to have a fair presentation of the case and to handle the situation head-on effectively, fairly and with a more positive outcome then the usual cases of the past. Representation shows the jobseeker how to handle the cases that come about and how to develop an understanding of their employment position, in their own mind and in the eyes of their colleagues. It will help point out the terms used, their real meanings and also have an understanding of the hierarchy within the business structure. It will give them a better knowledge of how their working ethics can be used and what they should be doing and how they should be treated by the company they are working for.

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